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No More Fear -Affordable Dentures Fort Pierce is Here

At your All Smiles Dentist, your smile is important to us. We know that your smile is the first thing people notice about you! Not only do you want a full, beautiful smile but you want to feel secure that you can smile freely and naturally without worrying about missing teeth. Dentures are a great way to amend problems associated with the stigma of having missing teeth or a sagging jawline. Today’s technology allows for the creation of very natural looking dentures so you don’t have to fear that your dentures will be noticed. All your family and friends will see is your attractive smile!

What to Expect with Dentures:

Getting affordable dentures in Fort Pierce will be effortless when you visit a local All Smiles Dentist office. The overall procedure to obtain dentures is quite easy and takes very little time sitting in the dental chair. First, your dentist will determine whether you need a full or partial set of dentures. affordable dentures fort pierceThen he will simply take impressions of your gums and teeth. These impressions are whisked away to a dental lab where a custom plate is made for you. Your All Smiles dentist will offer his best advice as to which denture material may be best for you-porcelain dentures or dentures that are made out of a combination of resin and acrylic. Porcelain dentures are more conventional and most like natural teeth in appearance and durability. The newer Resin dentures provide an option that is yet lesser expensive and lighter in weight. The downside being that they are not as long lasting and will require replacement closer to every 5 years instead of closer to 10 with porcelain dentures. Once you and your All Smiles Dentist have made these important decisions together, you will be well on your way to a brand new smile!

Note: All dentures are slightly uncomfortable at first and will require a bit of getting used to. Before long, you will forget all about them and find yourself completely enjoying your own smile.

How to Care for Dentures:

Just as with any new purchase there often come new procedures or habits for taking care of it, to value it and keep it looking good and serving its purpose. New dentures bring with them a whole new set of rules for oral care that are very important to note. For instance, unlike your natural teeth, dentures are most commonly made out of porcelain and do not tolerate the abrasive nature of whitening toothpaste. So although, it is normal to want to apply a whitening product to keep your smile bright and white, there are completely different procedures for doing so.

Keep in mind: Always use a towel to cover the surface around the sink before removing and cleaning dentures. Dentures are fragile and could shatter or break if they fall upon a hard surface.

  • Remove dentures and rinse after eating
  • Brush and rinse your mouth after eating
  • Clean dentures with soap and water every day
  • Soak dentures in cleaning solution every night
  • Visit your All Smiles Dentist for regular check ups

Don’t forget: The importance of your All Smiles dentist checking the health of your mouth as well as the fit of your dentures at regular intervals. You are in charge of making sure your beautiful smile stays bright, white and beautiful!

Your local All Smiles Dentist office will determine the best affordable dentures Fort Pierce appliances to fit your budget. You can make an appointment online or ask any questions you may have by chatting live online.