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What Causes Sensitive Teeth

Does it hurt when you drink hot or cold beverages? How about Ice-cream, does it make you wince a little when you take a bite? Do you ever feel sensitivity when you are brushing your teeth?

Well, there are a few things that All Smiles Dentistry All smiles dentistrywould like to tell you about sensitive teeth that could help you curb your discomfort.

  • Acidic foods or drinks may be the culprit- Bet you didn’t know that a regular craving of pickles could compromise your teeth and contribute to their sensitivity! No, really, pickles are just one of several acidic foods, along with acidic drinks like orange juice, that can slowly eat away at the enamel on your teeth causing them to become more sensitive to air, temperature or brushing.
  • Brushing teeth aggressively in order to keep cavities at bay may be inviting sensitivity to come your way-It seems to make sense. The more you “go after it” when it comes to brushing, the cleaner, and more cavity-free your teeth will be. Well, that is not necessarily true. It is only important to brush using a moderate amount of pressure with a consistent habit of reaching all hard to reach and easily missed spots in your mouth. Not only will you have a great chance, still, of avoiding cavities, you will also avoid wearing down the enamel to the dentin which causes teeth to become sensitive.
  • Recent dental work may be the cause-Whenever your teeth are exposed to changes such as veneers, fillings or even cleanings, your teeth can feel especially sensitive afterward. Don’t worry, this should subside within days of your dental treatment. If not, let your All Smiles Family Dentist know!
  • Clenching your teeth can cause more than jaw pain-Grinding or clenching teeth can wear the enamel down and make the nerve closer to the surface creating sensitivity. Speak to All Smiles Dentistry so they can fit you for a mouth guard to help prevent grinding and clenching.
  • Dental products for breath freshening or teeth whitening can be the reason-Using mouthwash containing alcohol, too frequently or the chemicals in whitening trays or strips that are left on your teeth for a prolong period of time can both cause sensitivity.

A Couple of Tips for Sensitive Teeth

All Smiles Dentistry offers this advice:

First try this: a fluoride gel or a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth are a sign that the pores in the teeth have been opened up and the fluoride acts to close the pores, therefore, decrease sensitivity.

Second: If sensitivity persists after using a product that is designed to provide relief, contact your All Smiles Family Dentist for an appointment to have your teeth examined. Sometimes this issue can be caused by a cavity, a loose or lost filing, or receding gums.