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A Message from All Smiles Family- Your Dentist in Port St Lucie :

In honor of National Children’s Dentistry Month, we at All Smiles Family want to stress the importance of children and their oral care. We understand that as parents it is challenging to enforce numbers of chores and tasks and manage consistency in those areas as well.dentist in port st lucie

You may ask: How can I get my kids to brush their teeth more?

The key: Add some fun to their oral care experience!

If you’ve noticed that your kids are lagging in their attention to teeth brushing here are a few ideas for getting them interested again.

New Ideas For Fun Brushing:

Surprise them with Sparkles Bring home some kid friendly toothpaste. Let’s face it, most  kids squirm and fight that minty fresh toothpaste that we love so much. There are many fun flavors of toothpaste for kids that will be received with a smile. Nowadays there is everything from their favorite cartoon character on the tube to sparkles and colorful beads in the toothpaste-all to make brushing teeth look and taste a little better and may actually get them to brush their tongues more too!

Go Brush Shopping Let your child pick out his own toothbrush. If you count the cost of having to care for cavities, spending a little more on a special toothbrush-even if it’s a battery operated one, will save in the long run and put a smile on your childs face!

Get Sticker Happy Create a reward system for good oral care. Another great opportunity to take your child shopping.Find a small calendar that can be hung in the kids bathroom so your child can manage and keep track of his own flossing and brushing schedule. Encouraging independence and a steady routine makes establishing good habits more feasible. Your child will love adding stickers to the calendar as he accomplishes so many days without missing etc.

Do it with a Song and a Dance Everything’s more fun with music and it sure makes time fly! If you have a super young one and you are still brushing their teeth for them, you can sing them a song that will teach them that brushing is important and fun

Here’s a brushing song to the tune of Row Row Your Boat:

Brush, brush, brush your teeth  

 Keep them nice and white.

Brush, brush, brush your teeth  

Every day and night.

Otherwise keeping a music player in the bathroom with a special tooth-brushing tune can be just the thing to prolong a child’s brushing to the desired 3 minutes-one and a half on the top and one and a half on the bottom!

Join in on the Fun  Just remember even when you are in a rush, you can take a moment to creatively engage with your kids and their dental hygiene. Grab your toothbrush and do a little ditty while you freshen your breath, clean your teeth and show your kids that brushing is a priority for you and you can have fun with it too!

Visit All Smiles Family Make an appointment for your child’s regular check up and cleaning at your All Smiles Family dentist in Port St Lucie or one of our other convenient locations. You lead the way in showing your children the importance of good dental hygiene as a priority for good health and a beautiful smile!