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All Smiles Family wants everyone to know that they love their staff and that might very well be why they are so happy to care for you with a smile! Not only do they work hard to create a positive and healthy environment for their staff, they work equally as hard to ensure that they are creating a comfortable, welcoming and friendly environment for their patients as well.

All Smiles Family Honors Dental Employee of the Month:
Mindy Cook

all smiles fort pierce

Mindy has been a part of the All Smiles Family for over 4 years now. Caring for patients, as Dental Assistant, in the All Smiles Fort Pierce office every Tuesday and the All Smiles Prima Vista office every Thursday. Mindy also sees patients two Saturdays a month in the All Smiles Prima Vista and Port St Lucie locations. Mindy has worked as a hygienist for 16 years and her experience precedes her when she is interacting with the patients. I can speak from my own experience, as I found myself recently in the chair on the receiving end of her kind, bright countenance and friendly conversation. I had need of some pretty extensive work to be done on my teeth and honestly, I was a little knotted up over what to expect. Mindy made me feel at ease, reassured me with all the information that I needed to feel relaxed and showed me that she has some ridiculous skills. On the spot and with a serious eye for detail, Mindy helped create temporaries for me -ones that I have to smile at others with for the next 3 weeks. Well, she made them look so good, I almost like them better than my own. I so appreciated the time that was taken to see that I was comfortable and happy with the procedure when obviously I wasn’t the only one on the schedule that day. Although, the way they cared for me, it sure did seem like it!

When asked what Mindy likes about working in the All Smiles Family Office:

Mindy said, ” I enjoy it, like when someone gets veneers for the first time and it builds their confidence.” Mindy takes pleasure when the client is happy with their results and that just adds even more to the patient’s good experience at all Smiles Family Dentistry.
If you have some long overdue dental work that needs to be done but you are nervous to put yourself in the hands of a dentist-worry no longer! The All Smiles Family has fabulous employees just like Mindy Cook who will be kind and gentle while giving you the best care possible for your situation. Check out their many locations to make an appointment today.