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News Bulletin-All Smiles Family

What’s better than quality dental work from a reputable dentist? Quality dental work from a reputable dentist that Warranties His Work! Yes, You heard right! The staff at All Smiles Family want you to know that they care what happens after you leave the dentist’s chair and they will stand behind their work. In fact, that’s part of their mission in the All Smiles Family Office.

The Mission at All Smiles

“All Smiles Dentistry is committed to providing the highest quality dental care in the industry. We will provide our patients with the highest level of service possible; before, during and after treatment. We will continue to train and educate our staff on the latest products, trends, and techniques. Our staff will work in a clean, efficient and professional manner. We strive for excellence in everything we do.”

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist Port St Lucie and or Cosmetic dentist Fort Pierce now we have something even better -cosmetic dentistry dentist services in your areas with a warranty. So now that you’ve heard this, you can go ahead and make an appointment for that “dental facelift” you have been waiting for. There is no added fee for your dental work to be warrantied!

A Warranty At No Extra Charge

The All Smiles Family says, “Our patient’s peace of mind is very important to the doctors and staff of All Smiles Dentistry. We understand that you want your investment to last a lifetime. We are committed to standing behind the quality of our work, and to demonstrate that commitment, will include our warranty at no additional charge.” 

Warranty that Covers

  • 5 Year Warranty for Crowns, Bridges, Inlays and Onlaysall smiles family
  • 3 Year Warranty on Composite Fillings
  • 3 Year Warranty on Root Canal Therapy

For more specific information on the terms of the warranty please read all the conditions that apply here.

Nothing brings peace of mind more than knowing that you have a dentist who takes pride in his work and is willing to put his “money where his mouth is.”  The All Smiles Family provides caring, attentive dental services giving confidence to their patients that the work will be done well, warrantied!  Make an appointment today with an All Smiles cosmetic dentist port st Lucie or a cosmetic dentist fort Pierce to discuss your cosmetic dentistry needs.