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Your All Smiles Family Dentist wants you to know: Dry Mouth can lead to dental problems

Have you been wondering why your mouth feels dry? Have you noticed that you are having trouble swallowing and it seems difficult to speak? Are you finding the need to keep gum or mints on hand to ward off dry mouth?

All  Smiles Tequesta Advises: Don’t ignore Dry Mouth-the health of your oral care may be at stake

Consider that you may have Dry Mouth if you are struggling with these symptoms:

  • hoarse throat
  • difficulty speaking
  • difficulty swallowing
  • difficulty chewing
  • problems with dentures fitting comfortably
  • throat feeling sore
  • dry uncomfortable nasal passages
  • burning sensation in the mouth

If you recognize these symptoms, you may wonder, What exactly is Dry Mouth and What causes it in the first place? all smiles family dentist

All Smiles Tequesta not only wants to answer your questions but also want to provide you with the solutions you need for the optimum oral care!

Dry Mouth, medically named Xerostomia is a condition of the salivary glands in the mouth not producing enough saliva necessary for ease of swallowing and speaking. This condition is often caused by the regular ingestion of prescribed or over the counter drugs for colds symptoms, pain relief, regulating blood sugar, muscle aches, water retention, controlling blood pressure, anti-depressants, cancer treatment and more. Check with your doctor to see if one of the symptoms of your regular medication could be chronic dry mouth. If you are not taking medication on a regular basis but still relate to the above symptoms, Dry Mouth may also be an effect of an autoimmune disease such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis or simply a symptom of smoking, stress or depression.

All Smiles Tequesta says, Be Aware-Dry Mouth can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums

A healthy production of saliva inside the mouth is important for the natural process of moving food particles out from between the teeth, neutralizing the acids that come from foods and keeping bacteria from building up around the gums.If you have suffered from dry mouth for any extended period of time, it is very important to visit your local All Smiles Family Dentist for a check up. Call All Smiles Tequesta or one of our other All Smiles locations in Port St Lucie or Fort Pierce today!