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St Lucie Family Dental For the Family’s Needs

If your family is like our family, you desire to conserve energy and time to make more space for fun, connection and the important things in life. We fully agree with this sentiment at All Smiles Family Dentistry. That is why we love to accommodate the needs of the entire family at our locations. All Smiles is both family owned and operated and we hold family as a high value and priority.

Your Port St Lucie Dentist Cares About:



If you’ve been putting off that sore spot in your mouth where you know something is going on, ignoring it will not make it go away! Problems faced can be pain avoided! Feel fine but want a lift? Cosmetic dentistry is high on the list at All Smiles. Let some of the best cosmetic dentists in the county show you the way to a new and improved You!

Your Childrenpost st lucie dentist

As parents we want our children to feel safe and optimistic about going to the dentist and All Smiles feels the same way! As your Port St Lucie Dentist as well as our other locations we feel exactly the same way. We work hard to create an environment that is calm and inviting coupled with staff who are interested in the well-being of your children. If there is a concern about a cavity, the possible need of Invisalign or just a routine check-up and cleaning. The All Smiles Dentists are here for you.

Your Seniors

As you get older, sometimes you appreciate a little more attention spent on your needs. Your Port St Lucie dentist wants to pay attention to what’s going on with your beautiful smile. If you have loved one’s who are older and they need dental care, we value

Your schedule

Whether you have a busy career, a load of kids with sports practices or you’re caring for an older family member-we want to find an appointment that works for you. Just simply click on Schedule An Appointment on our contact page and specify in the notes the time and day that you are interested in. All Smiles staff will call You to set it up.