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Your All Smiles Family Loves to Give Back to the Community

Everyone wants a good dentist, it is true. But a dentist who is good to you and good to their community as a whole too-well, that is a great dentist! Your St Lucie family dental office says, “We love to give back to our community!”  It is just part of the All Smiles Commitment to strive for excellence in everything they do, reaching not just the patient in the chair but all people with the message that they care.

St Lucie Family Dental Donates to the Vietnam Veterens

port st lucie dentistLast month, All Smiles Dentistry donated to the Vietnam Veterans of America to purchase tickets for Veterans to attend the Military Appreciation game night with the St. Lucie Mets. What a joy to give back to those who have given so much for our country. Some of the veteran community are cherished patients of the All Smiles Family. All Smiles considers it very important for those who have given their lives in military service to know how important they are and how much their sacrifice is valued by their surrounding community. If you know someone who gave up family, friends and the security of their current circumstances to serve their country, join the All Smiles family by thanking them and showing them some extra love!


Port St Lucie Family Dentist Sponsors Treasure Coast Hope for the Homeless

Another way your Port St Lucie dentist enjoys giving back to the local community is by sponsoring efforts that are really making a difference in the area. One such organization is Treasure Coast Hope for the Homeless. Believe it or not, this non-profit started in the hearts of 4 young teens back in 2011.  A small handful of girls ran lemonade stands and sold used st lucie family dentaland donated jewelry to raise money for the homeless in Port St Lucie. They gathered donations of business clothes in efforts to supply the homeless and jobless with the attire they needed to find work. Through the years they grew in their understanding of even more ways to help the underprivileged and in need. In time, all their sewing of love and care for the community began to catch fire and lead to the birth of a charitable organization they call Treasure Coast Hope for the Homeless. Their mission: “We exist to help those in need and our plan is to develop relationships with places of worship throughout the Treasure Coast of Florida that will serve as drop off locations for clothing and supply donations. Our goal is to collect clothing, hygiene products, school supplies and monetary donations in an effort to serve families in need throughout the Treasure Coast.”

As your Port St Lucie dentist, there is great pride in knowing that a difference is being made-not only in the dental hygiene of patients but in the hearts and homes of the people of Port St Lucie!