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Tired of Sleep Apnea?

Tired of not being able to sleep soundly. Is your snoring keeping you and your loved one awake at night?

Are you tired of being tired?
Your All Smiles Dentist can offer you a dental device that will bring an end to your sleep and snoring problems.

All Smiles Dentist trained to care for Sleep Apnea

All Smiles Dentistry offers Sleep Apnea therapy through custom-fit oral Sleep Apnea devices made just for you.
The procedure is not complicated. Just make an appointment with one of your local All Smiles Dentists trained to deal with issues of Sleep Apnea.
Your dentist will assess your situation uniquely and advise you on the best procedural for you based on x rays, and an evaluation of your jaw and teeth.
A custom mouth device will then be created first by taking a mold of your upper and lower teeth. Then that mold will be sent away to have the actual sleep retainer created for you. Upon receiving your retainer, another appointment will be necessary in order to ensure that the custom oral device fits correctly.

Advantages to Oral Appliance Therapy

  • Non-invasive-no surgery required and no painful procedures either
  • Custom fit-so much better than buying a sports retainer-a dental oral device is professionally created to fit your teeth.
  • Long lasting-made out of durable material, your sleep Apnea device will not break of wear easily.
  • Comfortable-as a result of the material used and the careful custom fit, before long, you won’t even think about the oral device being in your mouth while you sleep.
  • Affordable-Except for the occasional follow-up appointment, the main cost to you is the device itself and most insurance covers sleep apnea oral devices.
  • More sleep-within two or three weeks-maybe even days, you will notice getting much more productive rest as a result of faithfully wearing your oral device.
  • Stops snoring-everyone sleeps better when the snoring stops!

*sometimes stops teeth grinding