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Happy New Year from All Smiles Family Dentistry!

teeth whiteningTime for a teeth whitening! 2017 is steadily in motion and you’ve probably noticed, that the calendar and your multiple responsibilities don’t wait for you to catch up. The schedule keeps on going. If you don’t stop and make time for yourself now, naturally your beauty and cosmetic needs may fall by the wayside with the busyness of life.There is no time like the present to set an appointment with All Smiles Dentistry for teeth whitening.

If you have never chosen to get your teeth professionally whitened before, you may be surprised and very pleased with the the results. A professional whitening at All Smiles can whiten and brighten your smile for anywhere from 6 months to several years depending on your own, personal dental hygiene habits. Avoiding beverages that stain your teeth, like coffee, tea and wine, will seriously contribute to the length of time your teeth stay white and beautiful. If one of your New Year’s resolutions happens to be to quit using tobacco, then getting your teeth whitened will be a complimentary resolution, ridding your teeth of sometimes years of tobacco stains, resulting in a brand new you!

Getting your teeth professionally whitened can be just the thing to give you that bounce in your step, more confidence and good feelings of fresh start, whether you have an upcoming reunion with old friends or simply new clients to meet. If wedding bells are in the near future and you can hear the clock ticking on countdown, make sure teeth whitening gets on that wedding to do list! All Smiles Dentistry offers 5 convenient locations for all of your whitening and cosmetic dentistry needs in Port Saint Lucie, Fort Pierce and Tequesta.

Click here to make that appointment to Prioritize you and your smile today!